They are calling it the largest protest in world history. The Punjabi Kisan Protests have not only made international waves with solidarity protests but they are also touching the hearts of millions around the world.

While the protests started in the Indian states of Punjab and Harayan, Hundreds of thousands of farmers from all over India are protesting new agricultural laws that came in in September.

The new laws aim to de-regulate the farming industry and bring it into the free market by allowing farmers to set their own prices and sell their crops to private businesses. Until now, Indian farmers have sold their crops directly to the government at guaranteed prices.

That’s just at the surface level, here to help me understand and go a little more deeper into the issues facing the famers and the government is Yudhvir Jaswal.
Yudhvir is the lead journalist of South Asian Daily. He is the CEO and Group Editor of Y Media. Y media is one of the largest south asian media networks in North America and has international audience. Yudhvir has been following this story from the very beginning and is here to share his knowledge and insights into the matters at hand. He’s joining me from his studio in Mississauga Canada.

Some of the topics we cover..

– a timeline of how we got to the present state of affairs
– MSP and basic universal income
– Governmental procurement of goods from farmers
– reforms on both sides, farmers and government
– peacefully protesting
– political interests and parliamentary processes
– solutions

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