Taking a Look at Censorship, WholeHearted Media, and What You Can Do to Empower Yourself in a World of Big Tech

Censorship is getting very, very real these days. We already knew it was bad, but the question is, how bad can it get? Let’s take a look at some of the censorship going on more broadly, as well as for WholeHearted Media specifically. But have no fear, we come bearing resources to stay connected to WHM, as well as options for those of you that would like to empower yourselves through more sovereign, people-focused platforms. 

What’s happening today? 

To take a look at some of the biggest players in online censorship, we have compiled a brief overview of experiences of social media influencers, doctors, and politicians who are currently experiencing censorship online. This overview is nowhere near exhaustive, but it gives you a better understanding of who is being censored on a broad level and for what type of content: 

On instagram there seems to be a monthly culling of many of those with a decent following who are having real conversations about anything that’s going on. A prominent Canadian influencer on Instagram who uses the name @whatsherface is on her fourth Instagram account and suspects that it will get deleted again soon. Similarly, Dr. Brad Campbell is on his third account and has stated that he has given up on posting actual peer-reviewed scientific articles to Instagram because they get deleted so quickly. You can find his most relevant content on his website under “Get Access” or follow him on his Telegram channel. Other health warriors like Alec Zeck have created back-up Instagram accounts that are almost unrecognizable in order to reduce their likelihood of being deleted. Finally, looking at some of the most dedicated truth tellers, this account, which specifically follows COVID vaccine reactions, is a NINTH backup account on Instagram. Their original account was deleted back in February when it had over 152,000 followers. Now on their ninth account they are at a little over 10,000 followers as of today. They also have a website where you can keep track of all of their content in the event that this account is deleted. 

This type of censorship isn’t just happening on Instagram. As mentioned in one of our previous articles, Facebook has been caught “secretly censoring COVID vaccine information that goes against its ideology, even if the facts are true.” One of the Facebook whistleblowers was suspended from the company after sharing this information and decided to publicly discuss his experiences after the suspension on Tucker Carlson Tonight. On YouTube, even celebrities such as Russell Brand have had videos demonetized for talking about COVID and whether or not it might have been leaked from a lab. On Spotify, Joe Rogan has had 42 episodes removed for “policy violations.” Most recently he has received “a cascade of criticism when he told listeners of “The Joe Rogan Experience” that healthy, young people don’t need the [COVID] vaccine.” However, surprisingly, his segment where he talks about this has not yet been removed. 

Potentially most concerning of all, even government officials such as Governer Ron DeSantis have had roundtable discussions regarding COVID-19 and his state’s approach, deleted off of YouTube because his policies didn’t align with “mainstream” narratives. 

Google has even decided to restrict access to Google Docs for those who are challenging the dominant narratives surrounding COVID-19 and mitigation strategies. “Google Docs restricted Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, the first doctor to advocate for alternative COVID-19 treatments, from sharing six different documents.” An article published on this topic also observed that the doctor’s website: https://vladimirzelenkomd.com pops up as the 39th result, or in the fourth page of results, using Google Incognito to search the doctor’s name. In contrast, when his name is searched on DuckDuckGo, it lists his website as the first result. 

Meanwhile, “Twitter recently suspended the account of Luigi Warren, apparently for violating [Twitter’s] Rules. Luigi’s now-penali[z]ed tweet addressed his views on whether spike protein is shed by people vaccinated with mRNA vaccines.” Luigi Warren is “one of the pioneers of the prevalent applications of mRNA technology, possibly including the Covid-19 vaccine.” 

Finally, on June 18th, America’s Frontline Doctors sent out an email saying that their website was going to be deleted by AWS (Amazon) due to “hosting misinformation about vaccines.” See graphic included. America’s Frontline Doctors had to rebuild their website in 4 days so that their website didn’t get taken off the internet.

We highlight all of these cases of censorship to demonstrate that censorship is not occurring to just those who are far-out in left field. One of the original scientists working with mRNA technology, as well as prominent political figures like Ron DeSantis, are having their opinions and discussions restricted. Do you think this is warranted? 

What’s happening with WholeHearted Media?

Part of the motivation for writing this post is to also give all of you an update that YouTube has banned us from posting until August. See graphic below. As we have already shared, we are on Rumble and Odysee and will continue uploading to those platforms. We also have some additional updates on how you can stay connected: 

  • You can now subscribe to our Rumble Channel, so be sure to stay connected there to check out all of our latest videos!
  • We have started a Telegram Channel so you can more easily connect with us! 
  • Additionally, seeing as though Instagram is swiftly culling truth-seekers, we have created a back-up Instagram account in case we get so popular that Instagram starts paying attention to us.  
YouTube Community Guideline strikes that restrict us from uploading any more content to YouTube till August. Most recently they said our “Rajie & Rocco Impromptu Video…” violated their policy because “YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO).”

What can you do to move away from Big Tech? 

Interested in diversifying your tech options? Here’s some great places to start:

Restore Privacy is a fantastic resource for all things alternative tech. If you browse their website, they have lists of recommendations for secure browsers for privacy (hint, not Google Chrome), secure private email services, secure messaging services, alternatives to all Google products, and options for secure cloud storage.

Members of our team have personally tried and enjoy using the email platform Protonmail, messaging services Signal and Telegram, as well as browsers Firefox (modified for privacy) and Brave. It is worth noting that many of these alternative options may not have all the ease and synchronicity of big-tech services such as Google products, but it is up to you, the user, whether or not to prioritize ease of use, or security, sovereignty, and higher certainty that these products will always be accessible to you no matter what type of censorship may occur in the future.  

Have other recommendations? Please let us know in the comments below. 

Finally, as a general call-out, we are looking to recruit a volunteer who is tech-savvy and has experience working with AWeber and/or another automation platform to help us streamline getting our newsletter going. 

Thanks so much for reading and for your continuous support!


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