Freedom the Canadian Way – Truck Drivers Uniting Canada and Inspiring the World

After almost two years of harsh and oppressive mandates across Canada that have laid waste to too many lives, livelihoods and are en route to producing a lost generation of children, there is finally a spark of hope for what it means to be Canadian. Mandatory vaccination (which will likely face legal challenges in Canada, […]

Police Whistleblower: Handcuffs of Silence Removed – Toronto Officer Gilvesy Shares Her Story (video)

[rumble][/rumble] In this video, Rajie talks to Adrienne Gilvesy, an active-duty Toronto Police Officer, as well as her lawyer Rocco Galati. They discuss the jurisdiction and overall duty of police officers to enforce COVID health regulations that directly violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and question where things are headed. Officer Gilvesy has […]

In Need of Some Resources to Counter an Employer Trying to Force You To Take the Jab? has a number of resources on it’s website to help individuals stand up for their human rights against employers trying to force a medical procedure on them or faces consequences. On the site you can find Notice of Liability letters, section of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and exact steps on how […]

Gaslighting, Medical Misinformation, and Controlling the Narrative [Part 1]

We are in an age of infinite information. Many of us walk around blindly questioning what is true and what is false. The word “misinformation” is in our faces on a daily basis. Confusion is rampant, and a unique word seems to be floating around many conversations in regards to acknowledging, or refusing to acknowledge, […]

Uniting Small Businesses Across Canada – We Are All Essential

Did you ever think that by the time the government decides it’s ready to reopen businesses again, there may be none left to step foot in? This stark reality was brought to light when Rajie sat down and chatted with Samantha Flatman, who is the managing director of We Are All Essential (WAAE), a Canada-wide […]