Rocco Galati Sues For Anti-Semtic , Racist and Other Defamatory Posts and Articles

[Read Statement of Claim below]

People have been wondering why Rocco Galati has remained silent in the face of defamatory mudslinging that’s been thrown his way the last 18 months by a few Canadians attempting to ‘expose’ him. Well, it seems Galati was waiting for the correct arena to have his say and battle in, which would be the courts. Galati served Alexandra Moore, Canuck Law, “Ronnie” Doe, Janes and Johns Does with a statement of claim that was filed in the Ontario Superior Court.

Why Hasn’t He Addressed the Claims Made?

The claims and libel made against Galati are addressed in the statement of claim which speaks for it self, Galati asserts. Statements made about him from Moore and other citizen reporters like one Youtuber named Nyla Nguyen who republished the Canuck Law libel, have been documented and recorded in the statement of claim. In Galati’s line of work, reputation weighs a lot, hence the hefty damages sought. Galati is a senior lawyer, practicing law since he was called to the bar in Ontario in 1989.

If found guilty by the Superior court of Ontario, all parties involved will have to pay: (a) $4, 000,000.00 for explicit libel and slander (defamation) and by innuendo and irresponsible publication; (b) aggravated damages as against the Defendants in the amount of $1,000,000.00; (c) punitive damages as against the defendants in the amount if $1,000,000.00; (d) an interm and permanent injunction requiring the retraction, removal, and prominent apology for any and all defamatory publication and/or remarks by the defendants; (e) $1,000,000.00 for harassment as delineated by the Superior Court of Ontario in Caplan v Atas, 2021 ONSC 670; (f) an interim and permanent injunction prohibiting the Defendants, or anyone directly or indirectly associated with them, from posting or disseminating on the internet.(g) prejudgement interest pursuant to s. 128 of the Courts of Justice Act R.S.O. 1990 c. C43; and (h) costs of the action on a substantial indemnity basis and such further or other relief as this Court deems just.

These are very real consequences to very real damages that could be collected by Galati, should the judge find the defendants liable.

Not the First Time

In a similar case involving a media outlet called Diverge Media, a notice was handed to the syndicate about its defamatory and slanderous claims of Galati. After the notice was served, Diverge Media issued a public apology on its Facebook page and removed all posts/communications regarding Galati.

Galati currently is representing a few Canadian frontline doctors who are some of the only doctors on the continent that have not lost their licence and continue to practice while speaking out. He represents teachers/administrators/parents, police officers, federal workers and scientists that have been censored, defamed and silenced. None of his cases have yet to be thrown out as we’ve seen with others across canada, granted none of them have yet to be heard. However, it is good to note that we were told by Galati great head way and progress is being made with the cases. He further points put the only people to give him ‘ marching orders’ and have a right to ask questions about theses cases are his clients on these cases.

We at WHM question many times the extent to which ‘lawlessness’ can prevail in these times. We do not enjoy seeing law and policy makers breaking their own rules and ask ourselves, if the ones that put the laws in place are not even following them, should we?

Where does that leave us then?

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Thanks so much for reading.

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