REPLAY- The Greater Reset

Every year around the same time, the World Economic Forum meets in Davos, Switzerland to discuss the future of the world. These self proclaimed “elites” have assumed the role of the rulers of the world. They think they have the best way forward for the world and push their agends and ideas in these meetings with the assumption the rest of the humans around the globe will follow suit and comply without question.

In October/November of 2020, we started to hear this term, “The Great Reset”. This is where the phrase “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” comes from. Many peoople think this is some conspiracy theory, but it simply isn’t. Take a watch of the offcial video from the World Econimic Forum and pay close attention to how it makes you feel inside your being.

While this may excite and stimulate some people, it sent fear and panic down the spines of others.




If you missed any part of Day 1 and want to watch, click the link below.


Check out the FULL schedule here:



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