Rajie & Rocco Impromptu Video Reaction to New Restrictions in Ontario, CA

Hi Guys! After hearing about the restrictions today we decided to do a little off the cuff video. How many of you were surprised by douggies announcement today? Many saw this coming a long time ago and that email that was supposedly ‘leaked’ back in October by the MP’s office, yeah, not looking like fake news right now as everything that was mentioned has/is pretty much coming to fruition. We know ppl are losing their shit right now and honestly we have every right to. We are tired of the lies, propaganda and straight up abusive nature these measures are being struck unto citizens.

ood thing we know we are NOT victims and that we, THE PEOPLE, are more powerful and stronger united. While they try to divide us through various distractions, what they don’t know is that this is just helping us stand together even more cohesively. Time to organize. Stay tuned.

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