Part 3 NEW Extended Chat: Rocco & Catherine – Intrinsic Human Value + Modern Slavery + Transhumanism

[Video at Bottom] As we lead up to the finale, this part gets to the heart of what’s at stake here. Catherine also provides a couple of book recommendations to Rocco and anyone else that enjoys learning about historical trade relations. Thanks for watching.

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Rough Time Codes/Notes:

1:28 – Human value vs. monetary value, are they equal? Rocco gives farmer example

3:10- SPAC market capitalization, tops a trillion dollars. Special Purpose Acquisition Company can pick up assets for cheap

4:39 – Globally, central bankers voted to go the direct reset route.

4:53 – What happens when you take an economy down? Adding reserve money into the general population.

8:12 – Catherine Book recommendation, The Edge of the World by Michael Pye. She says read/pay close attention to the last 3 chapters.

8:45 – Plagues/sickness allow governments to condense systems easily, i.e. control travel/labour

9:29 – Plagues have come about every 100 years or so. Look at the relationship between a plague and altering the reserve currency.

12:27- Humans as a commodity resource and not sovereign beings.

13:00 – “Slavery is the most profitable business” Book recommendation #2 – The Half Has Never Been Told by: Edward E. Baptist

15:42 – What happened in Haiti. 19:25 – How to make the human body an efficient information platform.

20: 47 – Robotics, software and AI in relation to human functions.

22:22- “Mr. Global” redefining what is a Human to include robots for legal reasons.

23:55- Why they will fail.

26:45- Stephen Hawking’s quote…the 2 greatest threats to human kind.

27:45- Data

29:48 – Digitizing everything to get the data, because the more data you have, the ‘smarter’ your AI gets and the more it can do.

33:06 – What’s a ‘bail in?’

Catherine Austin Fitts: Catherine is the president of Solari, Inc., publisher of the Solari Report, and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. Catherine served as managing director and member of the board of directors of the Wall Street investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the first Bush Administration, and was the president of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. Catherine has designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to-date and has led portfolio and investment strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities. Catherine graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (BA), the Wharton School (MBA) and studied Mandarin Chinese at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She blogs for the Solari Report at

Edited By: Rajie Kabli







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