Medical Censorships and the Harms of Lockdowns [Video]

[VIDEO at Bottom]Freedom of expression is enshrined in our Constitution, and is imperative in a free and democratic society, as it underpins other human rights, such as the freedoms of thought, conscience, association and assembly. Free expression is vital to robust and open debate in order to formulate sound and reasoned public policy.
This video reveals the disturbing, and dangerous, trend of how peaceful voices of frontline physicians who dissent, and disagree with state policy regarding COVID directives are being silenced.
Dr. Gill, Dr. Phillips and Dr. Lamba have all come under attack for their expression that public health directives and mandates are grossly flawed and misguided, and for calling attention to the incredible harms of the governments’ forced lockdowns. Their desire to speak about the research they know, and the harms they witness, is driven by their conscience. Their only purpose in doing so is to live up to their oath “to do no harm”. They have no other motive. They stand to gain no profit, and infact, to lose everything.
As you will hear in this exclusive interview, medical colleagues, and mainstream media have personally attacked the speakers rather than engage their ideas. Opponents vilify outspoken physicians as “dangerous” and attempt to drive them from media platforms. Stifling criticism of public health has created a chilling environment where many more physicians, scientists and academics either self-censor, or limit interaction, for fear of loosing their jobs, their livelihoods and their reputations.
The Canadian Constitution requires us to engage dissent through discussion and debate rather than censorship and punishment. We hope this is the beginning of open, calm, evidence-based discussions between government officials and health professionals.
What were some of your take a ways from this interview?
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Hosted by Amina Sherazee, a Human Rights Lawyer & Co-director of the Constitutional Rights Centre, in Toronto.
The Doctors joined us at the WHM Studio to discuss ALL HARMS being currently caused in public health and where we go from here. Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill is the President and Co-Founder of Concerned Ontario Doctors. She is a passionate advocate for accessible healthcare, and the protection of basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. She has represented the interests of Ontario’s and Canada’s patients and frontline physicians at Queen’s Park, the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada to advise on healthcare policy.
Dr. Gill is a frontline physician practicing in the Greater Toronto Area. She completed her undergraduate, medical and post-graduate training in microbiology, pediatrics, and allergy and clinical immunology at the University of Manitoba and the University of Western Ontario with her research with Dr. Frank Plummer at the Public Health Agency of Canada’s only Level 4 National Microbiology Laboratory focusing on HIV-1 vaccine development.
Dr. Patrick Phillips completed his medical training at Dalhousie University and his family medicine residency at the University of Toronto. He has worked in addictions medicine in Toronto and throughout rural Ontario as a locum physician. Dr. Phillips is currently an emergency medicine and family in Englehart, Ontario, and a passionate advocate for his patients and frontline colleagues.
Dr. Ashvinder Lamba was born and raised in Newfoundland, and obtained her BSc from the University of Victoria, MSc in Biochemistry from SFU, and MSc in Genetic Counselling from McGill. She returned to Newfoundland to attended medical school at Memorial University, and completed residency in Family Medicine at McMaster. She currently has her own family medicine practice in Brampton where she practices low risk obstetrics, as well as long term care, palliative care, and addictions medicine in other regions of the GTA. Dr. Lamba is a Board Director of Concerned Ontario Doctors and actively advocates for the interests of patients and frontline physicians.

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  1. Thank-you to all of you for your effort to change the fear based narrative. I especially liked the comment regarding a moral panic. Also, thank-you for mentioning the covid PCR test interpretations. I also hope we can get some accurate data on excess deaths and figure out how to subtract deaths from the government reaction and determine an accurate threat level.
    Best of luck to all of you.

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