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Your Basic Human Rights with Constitutional Lawyer, 33 years at The Bar

Embark on a Constitutional Journey..

At the most basic and fundamental level, understanding the structure and relational inter-play of governmental entities and You, must be achieved in-order to create anything new and live in your free inalienable rights. 

Many of us are fed up with how governmental institutions have subverted and mislead citizens over the last two years. A sense of helplessness, suppression and fear pervades society, but does it have to? How do we effect real change? Well, the first step is to understand how we got here to help us shift into a more secure, free and empowered state.

This course breaks down the complex political and legal structure we live in, and works cumulatively in building your knowledge from historic events to present day problems. As the picture becomes clearer with each lesson, you will see the grand design of all this structure and find your place within it. 

About Each Class

Each class has 1-3 lecture videos followed by itemized Q/A videos that you can watch any time. Many of the questions were frequently asked through out the last 2 years.


History and Structure

This module canvases and explains the structure of Parliament, Government, and their institutions, as well as the constitutional structure of Canada. It gives you a detailed structure of Governance in the Canadian Federation, as evolved and cemented in the Constitution Act, 1867 (formerly the BNA) and up to the Patriation of the Constitution in 1982, as contained and comprised in the various Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982.


Placing The Charter Within The Constitutional Structure

This module places the “Charter” within the context of the Constitution Acts 1867 to 1982, and in turn,  its place within the Constitution Act, 1982 , and how it interacts with the rest of the constitution. It will also include an over-view of the  specific “Rights and Freedoms” contained in it.


Applying Your Knowledge –  Socratic Method of Learning

This module outlines how Constitutional Rights protect you from state Action. This segment outlines how constitutional rights, both Charter and non- Charter constitutional rights protect you against offensive or egregious state action that infringes your constitutional rights. This module will include examples and fact scenarios that  occur in everyday experiences, including the Covid context.


Testing Your Knowledge & Discussion

In this final module, we apply all that we’ve learned in the last 3, in real life scenarios. Rocco tests your knowledge through oral questions and discussions. This lesson will also address misconceptions and false assumptions about the Constitution.

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Greetings, I'm Rocco..

Rocco Galati, B.A., LL.B., LL.M.

Rocco Galati was called to the Bar in 1989. He briefly worked at the federal Department of Justice before entering private practice, which mainly is restricted to proceedings against the Crown, much of which is Constitutional litigation, and poverty law. He has also taught at the University and College level. He is a published author. He has been twice named one of the top 25 influential lawyers in Canada by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. He is the 2015 recipient of the Ontario Bar Association’s top “President’s Award”. Rocco has been named a member of “Canadian Who’s Who” since 2011. He has successfully argued some of the top seminal cases in Canada.

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