In Studio With MPP Rick Nicholls – What Happened After? & More

In this video Rajie talks with former PC Party caucus member, MPP Rick Nicholls who tells us about his removal from the Ontario PC Party caucus over his vaccination status as well as raising the overall dangers with vaccine passports.

MPP Nicholls opens up about how, after he made a personal choice not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, he was expelled from the party caucus. He now sits as an independent MPP who stands firmly, both by his own choice as well as the right of others to be able to choose whether or not to get vaccinated.

In his candid interview with Rajie, MPP Nicholls talks about the split in society being caused by the vaccine passports. He expresses serious concerns that the mandates are leading down a slippery slope, where one group of people get the privileges that come with their double-vaccinated status whilst the other group is punished by being unable to participate fully in society.

MPP Nicholls further raises that being double-vaxxed is only the beginning and with the upcoming boosters, once introduced, there could no end to the reach of vaccine passports.

Rajie and MPP Nicholls discuss the unintended consequences of jurisdictions introducing vaccine mandates which could lead to a crisis in many frontline areas from healthcare and policing to firefighting as a significant number of frontline professionals are forced to walk away from their careers due to their vaccination status. What kind of moral compromise is being asked of the individual? Rick and Rajie discuss the answer.

How do you feel about employers across different careers (from politics to healthcare) making vaccination a condition of continuing employment, taking the personal choice away from the individual?

Do you think vaccine passports are a temporary measure or do you think that once implemented they will effectively remove our freedom of medical choice, for good?

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