[Video]Grounding Your Vision in Mexico- Tribalize Regional Summit 2022

Have you been feeling drawn to solutions lately? Perhaps you want to learn more about intentional and regenerative communities and how people are coming together from around the world to create and build new systems and ways of living? If so, the Tribalize Regional Summit might be right up your ally.


Rajie Kabli sat down with founder and CEO of Tribalize, Brad Nye, to discuss what this summit has in-store for attendees and presenters and the wider implications of what can happen when activated individuals come together with a shared vision right now. According to Brad, Mexico is presenting it one of the most viable locations to potentially ground your vision of living in a like-minded community of people. He’s found a number of projects coming to reality there and decided to create a container for projects and people to come together.


Listen in and hopefully you may feel inspired and motivated to learn more and connect with others around you that are also building.


Check out https://tribalize.life/ for more info. Use promo code: RAJIE to receive a 15% discount on a ticket. Also, follow the IG channels @Houseofrajie + @Tribalize_ for daily updates and live coverage of the event!



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