Forced Choice? Further Silencing and Censoring of Doctors in Ontario, CA

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) released a statement (directive) on “Public Health Misinformation” on April 30th, 2021. The decree warned all Surgeons and Doctors to follow, without any criticism or disagreement, public health orders and recommendations, otherwise they would face an investigation, and disciplinary action up to and including removal of their license to practice.


The CPSO fears “misinformation” being circulated on social media platforms from medical professionals. It fears that these physicians and doctors would harm the public by putting them at risk with their comments in regards to promoting unsupported and unproven treatments for Covid-19, along with their opinions and fact-finding information about vaccines, masking, distancing and lock-down orders. Dictating what a physician may or may not say to their patients about a potential remedy, or treatment goes against the practice and the oath that these medical practitioners took before becoming licensed. Banning the publication of expert opinion outside the doctor-patient relationship violates their constitutional rights to free speech and expression.


A mere week later, a large group of Physicians replied with their own statement to the CPSO, the general public, along with their patients. They immediately stated that “their primary duty of care is not to the CPSO, but their patients, putting their health and care first above all others”. These doctors vigorously  state that the CPSO is ordering them to violate their duty in several ways:


  1. Denial of the Scientific Method, having physicians continue to looking at alternative views, having open debates about the potential of new ideas and methods towards treatments and remedies, along with pursuing the scientific truth.


  1. Violation of our Pledge to use Evidence-Based Medicine for patients, in not communicating with the public about lock-down measures and to express only pro-lock down measures or face penalty and discipline. These Physicians pushing back, they decry this statement made by the CPSO as “tyrannical” and “anti-science”.


  1. Violation of Duty of Informed Consent, whereby the CPSO is demanding these physicians to not “inform the public of the risk, benefits and any alternative to treatment or intervention before consent is given”. Physicians state that they themselves have a duty to point out the risks associated with lock-downs in dealing with depression, suicide rates, delayed treatments of cancer, along with increased rates of child and domestic abuse in the household.


This is clearly a cease and desist order from the CPSO, threatening the careers of Physicians for not going along with the Public Guidelines. Having a different opinion towards treatments, remedies and methods are no longer tolerable to the CPSO. The choice a Physician were able to give their patient no longer apply. It begs to question, why is the CPSO now reversing its historically long ideal of informing patients of all methods, treatments, and allowing them to make their own choices?


These Physicians standing up to the CPSO’s , refuse to be silent. The idea of following only one narrative. The fact they have been threatened with discipline and censorship does not sit well with many of them. This group has informed the CPSO that they “must immediately withdraw and rescind its statement as of the one made on April 30th, 2021”.


Freedom of Speech and Expression is clearly written in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The differing of opinions, having a healthy debate about all topics, especially in the medical field, is vital to  informed consent to make a decision respecting your health. However, with the CPSO’s statement it is clear that the CPSO intends to ban and censor. Violation will result in punishment. That does not sound democratic but tyrannical.


It’s our right, as members of the public to be informed of all decisions and choices that WE get to make for OURSELVES. Who is to say something is “misinformation” when we have the right to Freedom of Speech and Expression? This “misinformation” must be debated in a sound environment, with healthy minds looking at all angles and aspects, and not the CPSO limit what Doctors can or can’t say out of fear of losing their career.


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