”A piece of the Rocco” is an opinion column by constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati. Rocco Galati is the Founder(2004), and ExecutiveDirector, of the Constitutional Rights Centre in Toronto, Canada and Co-Founder of WHM.
Children and the Aged represent human existence at its most vulnerable. Without adult care and nurture, children perish. Without care and assistance, the Aged prematurely succumb to undignified death.
The Covid measures of lockdown and virtual house imprisonment of the Aged ensure the most negative outcomes.
Eighty-four percent (84%) of all deaths from and “with” Covid, in Canada, are in long-term care facilities for the Aged. This is not predominantly because ofthe Covid virus, but because of sub-standard conditions, care,and the measures themselves. For example, a study covering England and Wales, and comparing April 2019 vs April 2020 deaths of Alzheimer’s patients showed that in April 2020, in a month alone, compared to April 2019, over 10,000 “extra” Alzheimer’s patients died because of isolation, lockdown and barring of visitors. This one-month “extra” death toll exceeds the entire purported death-toll from/with Covid for the 2019-2020 flu season which landed at about 9,300to 9,600.
With children, it is another abhorrent story altogether. According to UN reports, up to over 10,000 children a month, in the developing world, are starving to death due to food distribution interruptions caused by the covid measures. That number is mounting. Here “at home”, and elsewhere, Children have been made and depicted to be dangerous hazards and silent “asymptomatic” potential killers for adult professionals, who need bio-hazard protection from these children, who do not die from Covid, but who can silently and invisibly kill their teachers and grandparents with Covid. Utter frenzy and nonsense.
Children are absurdly and purportedly “asymptomatic” carriers of the Covid virus. Never mind that there is no science behind this hyperventilated hysteria. Never mind that the WHO has made it clear that this possibility is extremely rare, if at all. Two world-renowned experts, in reports to be filed in the CRC’s Covid legal proceedings, categorically state that the notion of “asymptomatic” transmission of an airborne, respiratory virus has no scientific basis, has never been peddled before and has been posited for the first time with the Covid. They further state that the very notion is “oxymoronic”.
So, in addition to double-ply masks, all day, indoors and out, and social distancing from school mates, usher in massive testing of “asymptomatic” school children using the PCR test. The PCR test has been scientifically, and judicially, determined to deliver 96.5% FALSE positives when used with a thresh-hold cycle of over 35 cycles. Ontario administers the test between 38 to 45 cycles.
With that testing, now there are recommendations, by an Australian epidemiologist, and tweeted support from Ontario doctors who are part of the “ZeroCovid” movement, that the test be administered, inexplicably, through intrusive annal swabs. Right, your children are now supposed to drop their pants and be poked, on a regular basis, at school, with an intrusive instrument, up to their rectum. Why? Because the Chinese government thought it a good idea and put it into practice in the context of a dictatorial regime. There is no scientific evidence to support that an anal swab is any more effective in detecting the virus than a throat, nasal or saliva swab, especially with a screening (not diagnostic) test that gets it 96.5% wrong. There would, however, be strong evidence that the anal swab would provide pedophilic sexual gratification to some persons administering it, and likely to psychologically scar many children for life.
In addition to this, the public health officers in Peel and Toronto directed parents, through their literature, under the pain of a $5,000 fine, per day, when one of their child’s classmates, or child, tests positive and is sent home, to isolate (imprison) your child to the confines of his/her room, for 14 days and meals to be restricted to the room. Solitary confinement, a practice declared unconstitutional by Canada’s Courts, for dangerous convicted criminals, is now orchestrated by our Public Health Officers, against children.
Why these measures? Why are children being vilified and abused? Two scientific studies have pointed out that the Covid “vaccine” ingredients have a sterilizing effect on both men and women. Globalists touting world vaccination have pronounced ability and desire to depopulate through vaccination programs. In the public health official literature, the word “child” and “children” has been replaced with referring to children as “they”. “They” “asymptomatically” pose a danger to teachers, “they” need to be masked, when “they” exercise a legal exemption teacher’ unions advise teachers to report “them” to the Child Protection Services for exercising a legal masking exemption. Teachers Unions and public HealthOfficialshave abstracted children (“them”)into an unmentionable distanced threat from the rest of “us”(adults).
If prior to the Covid hysteria and frenzy, you wrapped your child’s mouth and nose with a single, double or triple-ply mask, all day, indoors and out, told him or her no visits with any friends, isolated him/her 6 feet apart, poked him/her up the rectum with a swab, held him/her in his/her room for 14 days, you would be handcuffed, criminally charged, and the Child Protection authorities would apply to Court to take your children away.
Why would this happen? Because these are forms of child abuse: physical, psychological, emotional, social and sexual.
So why are doctors advocating for anal swabs, the medical officers for Peel and Toronto imposing solitary confinement to a room for 14 days, not being hand-cuffed and criminally charged for decreeing and counselling these acts of rectal swabbing and solitary room-imprisonment on a 96.5% bogus test? For child abuse? Why are their licences to practice medicine not being revoked?
These acts contravene not only the s.7 Charter right to education, but further contravene their rights under section 7 of the Charter, and various rights enunciated in the International Convention of the Rights of the Child. They also constitute criminal acts and are a form of cruel and unusual treatment.
Ah yes, and but, you say, there is a danger posed to justify these measures. The science does not back up the measures, and neither does the threat given that the deaths of the measures out-number the deaths from/with Covid at least 10 to1. Never mind the destruction beyond the deaths caused by the measures. The Medical health officers do not produce scientific justification, just unfounded dictatorial decrees.
I cannot believe that there is not a single police officer in Toronto, or Peel, who is not awake enough to handcuff and criminally charge these doctors supporting regular anal swabs, and public health officers decreeing room imprisonment of children in these circumstances.
Shame on the unionized, snivelling, cowardly, bio-hazard-dressed “teachers” crying over the threat children pose to them, instead of advocating for the rights of their students, as educators.
Shame on the men and women in blue who think that Doctors and Public Health officers are above the law, and not accountable for counselling and promoting child abuse as official policy.
And shame on any parent who would be willingly complicit in the depraved abuse of their own child or Aged parent without educating themselves and simply follow decrees from government officials.
We all know what history teaches us about blind marching, and goose-stepping, to government decrees without thought or analysis.
Human societies have survived fascism, colonialism, communism, militarism, but will we survive Covidism as the latest, biggest tyrannical force in human history?

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  1. That we have allowed, and continue to allow, these extreme and unwarranted violations upon our children and elders is an indication of a very sick society. It’s time that we all came to our senses and put an end to this insanity. These abuses and violations of our most basic rights and freedoms cannot be allowed to continue. I predict that once the COVID spell wears off, there will be Nuremberg-type trials for those responsible for these offenses.

  2. How can this be allowed to continue? We need to stand up against thi s tyranny!!
    This is all thanks to our disturbed pm JT. Time to vote these liberals out!!

  3. I completely agree with everything you have written, Rocco! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you are doing to defend our human rights as Canadians. As a grandparent of a precious 5 year old little girl, and a retired secondary school teacher, I am completely horrified by the ineptitude and complicity of the so called “professionals” who are supposed to be upholding the rights and freedoms of our most vulnerable citizens.

    How can we ensure that the majority of Ontariens/Canadians see your reports, press conferences, and articles? The majority (“pop-culture” followers), are seeing, and believing in, nothing but the main stream media narrative.

  4. We need to get rid of the parties one leaves and the other takes over you see it all across Canada.we need parties that will represent the people not the big corporations

  5. Do we survive covidism ?
    We probably do, like any other -ism but we must first wake up from this psychotic covodosis.
    Coronavirus is not the threat to humanity , it is the covidian government who wants to take our liberties and freedoms away from us .
    Many young Canadians , who don’t know much about world history, still believe ,this is only a temporary state.
    Those poor young man and women are falling for the fear propaganda , that is pouring from all the media sources.
    They represent the most vaccinated group and the risk of them being sick and die from the virus , is much lower then the deaths from car accidents.
    Scary, we somehow raised the most obedient generation ever and it would be difficult to wake them up now.
    No matter the facts , the stats , the truths, they want their life’s back and without any criticism they are falling for empty promises.

  6. Oh my goodness, this nightmare that we are living in (for the few of us who know about it) just keeps getting worse!! I have grandchildren. I have just learned here about the anal swabs on children and the 14 day room lockup!! This mysterious power is terrifying!! Thank you so much for your brave efforts to try and break through this covidism censorship and propaganda!! Also, I can’t believe that these gall darned so-called vaccines are still being rolled out despite the thousands upon thousands of deaths and severe side effects, plus the fact that the powers that be are blocking us from obtaining ivermection and/or hydroxychloroprine as a core treatment for Covid 19 and/or as a preventative!! Frustrating and terrifying!! Again, thank you for your brave efforts!

  7. Who in govt will stand up and call JT out on this tyranny. He needs to answer to crimes against humanity by making divisive comments like “those people” regerring to those who don’t want an experimental jab put into their bodies. When “those people” slander was said by that hockey announcer with the loud jackets…he was cancelled. Jt needs that same treatment! Where is cancel culture when we need them!

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