“Conspiracy Theorists”, “Conspiracies”, “Covidism” & “Reality”

Everyone has heard the label, accusation, and dismissal of a statement or proposition, by the terse and blunt attack of the person, and not the person’s assertion: “conspiracy theorist”. What does it mean? Well, objectively nothing to no-one. It is like “nice”. Everyone uses the word but objectively it is verbal flatulence without meaning, shape, […]

Covidism: The Vilification and Abuse of Children & the Elderly

”A piece of the Rocco” is an opinion column by constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati. Rocco Galati is the Founder(2004), and ExecutiveDirector, of the Constitutional Rights Centre in Toronto, Canada and Co-Founder of WHM. Children and the Aged represent human existence at its most vulnerable. Without adult care and nurture, children perish. Without care and assistance, the […]