Awake & Aware Podcast w/ Roots and Wings Toronto – Holistic Education Alt. to Current Schooling

Thanks for watching! Parents, you have options. Here is one. Holistic education. It’s one alternative to the current school system that’s mask and vx. free. Roots and Wings specializes in teaching kids JK- grade 8. Thanks @rootandwingsc! looking forward to connecting again soon. See below for rough time codes. A lot of resources go into making content like this happen. Please donate if you’d like to see more content like this!

Rough Time Codes:

4:23 – what a typical day looks like

6:50 – the types of families they are catering to

8:45 – Is virtual learning really learning?

12:57 – They offer 1:1 support for parents

15: 35- What is a pod? What is a micro school?

17: 23 – what does Roots and Wings need right now?

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