The WholeHearted Media Mission

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What is the WHM? It is a newly spawned member of the new generation of media, past and beyond social media and mainstream media.

We are in the venture, and calling, of non-fragmented, non-alienated broadcasting and story-telling. Stories that depict human beings, humanity, and the human condition and its total environment, without censorship, calculated  political partisanship, deceit, nor sensational abuse or demeaning of human beings on any basis. 

While we deal with the proverbial good, bad, and the ugly, as well as the joyful, short, nasty, and brutish, WHM gives you a holistic and incisive analysis of events, stories, and news by giving our whole body, heart, and soul in bringing you our products that analyse your whole body, heart  , and soul as individuals part of an inseparable local, national, and international unity of humanity.  We strive to be to news, media and broadcasting, what Integrated medicine is to health and healing.

We advocate and propel towards the advent of a new community of nations, not through a skyscraper bureaucratic institution, but a community of nations of people and peoples exchanging and sharing a reality of ideas on metaphysical, spiritual, philosophical and environmental planes, through the various human languages and mediums of human expression, including cyber- communication. 

This through not only the vibration and resonance of the global collective, but your own personal reaction(s) and flow in, and through that collective stream, on a daily basis.

We hold close, and dear, that “heart-based” news, like the language of music, where intuitive knowledge and analysis, and celebration of the joy of survival and life, and the human condition, are as valid and impactful as cerebral and intellectual analysis. The essences of our products go to the core of the individual and humanity, un-divorced from the planetary environment.

This is what we want, and strive, to roll out to you. 

The means by which we deliver this to you is through a robust and energetic news and production room , where our team brainstorms ideas ,and reacts to events, to produce videos, documentaries, audios, pod-casts, articles, and interactive expression with inter-connected  colleges from all over the world.

Our work environment culture is rooted on a team of honest, dignified, self-aware, and mutually respectful and equal participants, who include our audience.