Why are Farmers in India Protesting?

They are calling it the largest protest in world history. The Punjabi Kisan Protests have not only made international waves with solidarity protests but they are also touching the hearts of millions around the world.While the protests started in the Indian states of Punjab and Harayan, Hundreds of thousands of farmers from all over India […]

In the House: SE1 EP1- Are We Entering The Age of Aquarius?

are we entering the age of Aquarius? wholehearted media thumbmnail

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for watching. We are living in one of the most memorable moments in our life time. I sat down of Toronto Astrologer, Carmen Di Luccio and discussed the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky and what that means and how will entering the Air element reflect for humanity. […]

Rajie & Rocco go LIVE

Rajie and Rocco’s share their reaction to restaurant Closures, speak about knowing your rights , and field your questions.

What’s the Beef with Adamson BBQ?

Rajie was on scene the first day Adamson BBQ opened, defying lock-down measures. A LOT has changed within a week. Hear Adam’s side of the story and please USE YOUR DISCERNMENT when formulating options/judgments.