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Feature Story

Freedom Convoy Preemptive S.O.S Press Conference

The front line of the truckers convoy have been receiving information and intelligence from sources within and outside of the police organization, and called this meeting as a preemptive measure to help mitigate any unnecessary violence that could potentially occur. Led by Tom Marazzo who breaks down some of the rumours that have been flying around regarding increased police presence, including riot police and processing centres being set up around Ottawa. He stresses a couple of times that if police do come in and start arresting people, the truckers and protestors will remain peaceful and non confrontational.


Have you been feeling drawn to solutions lately? Perhaps you want to learn more about intentional and

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House of Rajie

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for watching. We are living in one of the most memorable moments

Law and Politics

Last night’s show of inhumane and robot like actions by the Ottawa Police confiscating fuel (video below)

A Piece of the Rocco

We’ve known for a long time, that news media in Canada has been going downhill – the

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Roc & Raj

They come from different generations, professions, backgrounds and mindsets, yet Roc and Raj have managed to find a balance between it all. It’s edutainment at it’s best! 

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A Piece of The Rocco